Hi my name is Kate & I am the face behind The Katie Collective. 

I work from my home studio in Victoria, Australia.

I have always had a love for creating & have dabbled in alot of different mediums including: watercolours, ink, pyrography & carving.

My artwork is inspired by nature, travel and my love of contemporary mandala design. I love to sketch and paint mandalas, florals and different patterns and wanted to turn my drawings into pieces of art that can be used in everyday life.

Every wooden piece I create is woodburnt by hand using the art of pyrography, so each piece is truly unique. It also gives me the freedom to add custom elements to my pieces which creates really unique gifts to be cherished.

I look forward to working with a range of mediums and products & hope to collaborate with other artists and brands in the future.

I currently have my wooden pieces in the online store and i look forward to sharing new products and projects with you